Battery Operated Pole Hedge Trimmer

Dislikes: Mounting a battery on the instrument throws off its equilibrium, which is a issue. It is best for , cube-shaped shrubs that are standard. Ad – Continue Reading Below.

Tom Rice here, I created The Filter to give people a better product insight before they make that important purchase.

Cordless technology has changed during the past couple of decades. Garden trimming projects that would have been impossible with a battery-powered trimmer are now dispatched with ease. No longer mixing cans of gas & oil. No longer will you need to persuade an unwilling gas engine to burst into existence, possibly with the assistance of a few choice adjectives #1 – EGO Power+ 24" HT 2400 56V Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Our Choice This really is actually the very best home-use cordless hedge trimmer, in our view.

Its a beast. It simply cuts through any twigs or branches you can fit to the teeth (up anything to inch thick) without a fuss, and never seems like its going to struggle. Perhaps if youre a contractor doing large amounts every day of trimming you may have to take into account a hedge trimmer, but frankly for most individuals looking after their own yard to think of a situation in which this trimmer wouldnt be good.

The EGO HT 2400 has the safety features youd expect in this class, including a mechanism that forces you to grip 2 distinct switches before the trimmer begins, to prevent accidental operation, and a blade brake which stops the blade almost instantly as soon as you let go of the trigger.

Its much lighter compared to the usual gas-powered hedge trimmer, not to mention the lower vibration & equilibrium that is much better. Fast Charging The 2.0 amp-hour battery provided for this hedge trimmer takes around 30 minutes to recharge, so in the event that you have another EGO battery, then you could keep going indefinitely, stopping only to change a flat battery out to get a freshly charged one.

The HT 2400 will accept all EGO power tool batteries, though it feels well-balanced together with the supplied 2.0Ah battery, and the extra weight of the larger batteries in the scope may upset that balance. This is in fact an important thing the battery is at one end of the trimmer, also makes up quite a large proportion of the overall weight.

In our opinion the EGO batteries are very likely to provide you more weeks and years of support . EGO utilize a design that is more innovative, and pay more attention to detail with their batteries. We expect this to change during the next few decades, as other manufacturers grab up the lithium ion battery technology used in those devices is changing at a quick pace.

They are still not ultimately as powerful as gas while the generation of battery powered hedge trimmers are more powerful than previously. what is the battery operated hedge trimmer If you have a large area to trim, or a great deal of thick branches (thicker than about 3/4"), you should consider a gasoline trimmer. The between charges can be a concern.

As for me, I've never discovered I wish to keep trimming hedges after an hour, if I am using a gas or cordless trimmer!One item to look out for – if you leave your battery on the charger for at least a month, the charger will automatically drop the charge to 30 percent. This is done to prolong the life span of this battery, as being stored long-term fully-charged is terrible for the battery (especially in warm conditions).

Warranty EGO back this hedge trimmer (like all their power tools) with a 5 year warranty on the device, and 3 years on the batteries. Manual Click here to download the user manual. WE LIKE:Best mix of blade size & weight Best battery technology of any lawn tool maker Class-leading guarantee WE DON'T LIKE:Heavier than some trimmers Can be a bit more expensive Battery charger maintenance cycle may be trimmers inconvenient #2 – BLACK+DECKER LHT 2436 24" 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Almost As Good This was previously our #1 option – however the more innovative battery technology, and class-leading warranty of this EGO trimmer just push the BLACK+DECKER right into 2nd location.

Ft. of hedges per fee The Black & Decker LHT 2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer is still a great choice. This trimmer has a trimmers strong 40V battery. It is strong enough to cut through branches up to 3/4-inch thick and run time for domestic jobs, and has more than enough power.

It has a front manage, which is more comfortable to hold in all orientations. A soft-feel grip makes this trimmer comfortable while trimming to hold. The handle is big enough to accommodate gloves. The stainless steel blades will stay sharp for many seasons without maintenance. Its lightweight design causes less user fatigue and is easy to use.

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